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Publishing activities

Registering publishing activities

Pursuant to Rector´s Directive 21R/2011 "Registering publishing and other professional activities", the author will complete the electronic registration form in the OBD system within 30 days of achieving the result (i.e. publishing the work); the OBD form is available through the INIS information system.

The University Library records the publishing activities of the UWB workers in the ALEPH system and compiles the statistical results needed. Full-text-versions are to be submitted to the appropriate specialized library. The author submits a copy of the full text in a readable form, including visible page numbering. This copy must also include a copied cover sheet, colophon, or page containing the publishing details, i.e. ISBN or ISSN, publisher name, place and year of publication


The Library Branch in Bory - for Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ladislav Sutnar´s Faculty of Design and Art, New Technologies – Research Centre, Institut of Applied language Studies, Rector's office, ICT Centre, Institute of Life-long Education

The Library of the Faculty of Education

The Library of the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Law

The Library of the Faculty of Health Care Studies

The Library of the Faculty of Economics in Cheb

Publications by UWB workers or UWB workplaces can be searched directly in the ALEPH on-line catalogue. Full texts of publications are stored for on-site study in libraries.

Information support of Research, Development and Innovation Council (VaVaI)

The Principles for the Evaluation of Research Organizations since 2017 were approved by the Government at its 107th session of 8 February 2017, and the approved principles will be gradually implemented over the following three years.

Databases for R&D&I support




InCites – an analytical tool for the evaluation of science and research

InCites 2.0 works with data from the Web of Science™ Core Collection. It serves as an analytical tool for determining productivity and interpreting the results of scientific activities in academic and non-academic environments. It enables the creation of analyses and comparative outputs in national and international contexts.

Accessible at: http://incites.thomsonreuters.com (for UWB, within the scope of IP addresses)

To work with  InCites, you need to register or use your access to the Web of Science. In case of doubt, please contact Mgr. Miroslava Pourova at pourova@uk.zcu.cz.  

ResearcherID and ORCID

Presentation „How to Create a ResearcherID and ORCID“

The presentation “How to create a ResearcherID and ORCID” can be downloaded here (PowerPoint presentation).