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Digital Library of UWB

The Digital Library of the University of West Bohemia (dspace.zcu.cz) is an institutional repository of the University of West Bohemia which is built and administrated by the University Library. The primary function of the repository is to save and protect full-text versions of publications by authors from UWB, and qualification theses, as well as journals and proceedings published by UWB, and to allow for unlimited online access to all of these items. The repository makes its items available in accordance with copyright and other relevant laws.

The repository also strives to promote the publishing activities of UWB and to make their results available to the academic community, students and the general public. Self-archiving of full-text versions of publications in the central repository supports science and research at UWB, as well as at other universities and research institutions. The visibility of the publication activities of the University also increases the prestige and reputation of UWB. The Digital Library of UWB is operated in accordance with the principles of the global open access movement and is supported by a number of university scientists.

We are constantly trying to expand and improve the Digital Library. We will appreciate your questions, suggestions for improvement or warnings about errors and shortcomings; if you have any, please contact the library at digknih@uk.zcu.cz.