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General questions

What are the opening hours of the library?

There are different opening hours for individual libraries and reading rooms. Opening hours for a particular library or reading room can be found under the link opening hours.

I am finishing my studies and I need the library to confirm my liability settlement form. Can I send it by post?

No, you cannot! To get the confirmation, you must come in person. If you do not have any outstanding liabilities towards the library, any branch of the University Library will confirm your form.

What should I do if I lose my JIS Card?

Report the loss to the library so that it cannot be misused. After the new JIS card is issued, inform the library about this change and your user account will be reactivated.

What should I do if I forget my password for the online catalogue?

The password for the online catalogue is the same as your password for the Orion account. If you have forgotten the password, please contact the Help Desk staff.

User registration

I would like to become a user of the UWB Library. What should I do?

You have to present a valid identity card and a JIS card, or possibly a Record of Studies (students in complementary and extension study programmes), and fill in a registration card. Registration is free of charge.

Can I become a library user, even though I am not a student or an employee of UWB?

Yes, it is possible. To register, you will need to present a valid identity card, complete a registration form and pay a registration fee of CZK 100/year.

Rules for borrowing

For how long can I borrow a book?

You will be told the loan period of the selected books at the circulation desk. Books marked at the bottom of the cover with a yellow stripe can only be borrowed overnight. Books marked on the same place with a red stripe can only be used for study in a reading room. Rules for borrowing can be found here (Czech only).

How can I extend the loan period?

You can extend your loans through your account in the Aleph library system (you were told your ID and PIN when registering), or via email or phone using the address and phone number of the library branch concerned. If any penalty for delayed return accrues, it is necessary to extend the loan period of the books personally in the library branch concerned.

I am not able to extend the loan period after accessing my account.

There are other readers waiting for the item who have reserved it; or its return is in default. Please contact the library branch concerned.

How can I reserve books?

You can make a reservation through your account in the Aleph library system (to sign in, please use your Orion login and password); or you can come in person to any of the specialized libraries or reading rooms. The item can only be reserved if all its copies have already been borrowed.  

It is possible to borrow a diploma thesis?

Diploma theses are lent on the basis of a request form, and only within the premises of the library branch which stores the thesis concerned.  To find out which branch stores a particular thesis, please refer to the library catalogue, under the "Listings" field.

Can I return borrowed items by post?

No, you cannot. You need to come in person to return the borrowed items. 


I have forgotten to return a book. How much will I pay?

Penalty fees for items in default are determined, according to the Library Rules (Czech only) and Regulations and the Price List of the UWB Library (Czech only), at CZK 1 for each working day. For each notice, a penalty fee of CZK 100 is paid.

I have lost a book. How can I replace it?

For information on how to replace a lost or damaged book, contact directly the circulation desk staff of the library branch concerned.

How can I send the money that I owe the library?

The amount due can be sent to the library account. A staff member of the lending counter of the library branch concerned will give you details about the account number and the variable symbol of the payment.  

Services available

I need a book (journal article) that you do not have in the collection. Can it be obtained from another library?

Yes! The University Library provides its users with the ILS Service (Interlibrary Loan Service), which is usually free. You can also get a book from abroad (IILS - this service is subject to a charge). For quick accommodation of your request to borrow a book or an article from another library, contact an authorized library staff member.

Is it possible to copy, print, scan, and take digital photos in the library?

Yes! For printing, you must be logged in through your access to the university computer network and at the same time have the money deposited on a financial account for copying and printing. The minimum deposit is CZK 50. You can deposit the money at the circulation desk of any library branch or reading room, at the CIV service desk, or at the university canteen. You can copy after depositing the amount.

Can I pay for copying or printing services from the money deposited at the university canteen (Menza)?

Yes! The remaining balance will be settled when the JIS card is returned to the Help Desk staff after finishing studies.  

I am a student of UWB. Can I use my own notebook (laptop) in the library? Is it possible to connect to the computer network?

Yes! Instructions for correct connection to the university computer network are here; or you can obtain the details necessary from the HelpDesk at +420 377 638 888.